10 Steps

for a 


Day Ashore!


10 Steps for a Successful Day Ashore!

1. When you leave the ship, take the ship’s port map & daily program (which has the local
port agent’s contact details) with you.

2. Ask around on the pier or in the terminal building where you can find the independent
tour operators, taxis and tourism offices.

3. Tell the tourism staff, taxi drivers and guides what you wish to do and ask for
recommendations based upon your interests. They know their home country better than

4. Check the credentials of any driver/guide you speak with in order to ensure that they are
properly licensed with the local government.  Their credentials should be clearly displayed
inside of their vehicle.

5. Agree on a particular itinerary or destination and be specific in regard to total duration, content, allotted time at each location, flexibility and exactly what is and what is not included.

6. Negotiate and agree on a price. Don’t be afraid to bargain!

7. If you only require a round-trip transfer (to a beach, waterfall, village, etc.), pay half the
price up front and the second half on the way back to the ship.

8. At any stop where you plan to spend time on your own, agree with the driver on a specific
meeting place & time to pick you up.

9. Time permitting, and if you wish to do some shopping, ask your driver to end the tour in the
center of town in order to avoid having to take a separate taxi or shuttle to the ship.  Instead you may be able to walk back to the ship saving you some money but watch your time.  Don’t miss your ships departure!

10. Tip your driver according to the level of service you received & if you were happy with
your day, be sure to ask for some business cards so that you can spread the word to other


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