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Downsizing your Digital Footprint


One of the most needed considerations is to downsize your personal computing hardware when on vacation. Here are some product considerations that meet those needs.. Smaller is better! 


What size of computer do you really need to cart around with you and how can you make your travel PC or MAC more size efficient?  First lets understand what you will require during your vacation in the form of perhaps digital photo storage, photo and video editing or recreation?


Business, some of us do need to stay in touch with our work as needed so once you have asked yourself those questions, we can start to narrow down what to take along. 

Whether you want to watch movies on an airplane, read books on your commute, or play games on your couch, an iPad is the perfect device for when you need something bigger than a smartphone, but smaller and less bulky than a laptop to take with you on vacation! You'll find a number of different iPads to choose from from brand new to refurbished. Here are a few to peruse. 

All in one PC Tablets with Touchscreen can be your go to for that travel and still stay in touch with business associates and/or sharing family moments across your Social Media. 

Shopping for a budget laptop can be tricky, because every manufacturer has a different idea of what constitutes an “affordable” price. Thankfully, as technology has evolved, even so-called “low-end” laptops are still quite powerful and suitable for everyday use. 

Samsung Tablets have been our go to for tablet computing for years. They evolved as an alternative to Apple's Ipad and really set a niche in that space. Durable yet elegant has made the Samsung Tablet a must have in the downsizing of our traveling clients computers.

Here are some of our recommendations below to find that perfect fit for your Travel computing needs.

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