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Our Disney Cruise packing list suggestions

Sailing the seas on a Disney Cruise will take you to just about anywhere in the world. Your adventure will make endless magical memories never to be forgotten. However, forgetting anything short of my suggestions below may have an impact on your anticipated results.

Your ‘have-to-have’s’ in your suitcase

Duffle Bag or Suitcase – A good piece of luggage is important when you’re going on a cruise. It’ll keep your stuff organized, safe and contained day in and day out on your voyage. These suitcases are perfect, with or without a USB port charging port, and to store easily on the ship under the bed.

Refillable Cup and/or Water Bottle – One of the perks of going on a Disney Cruise is that if you bring a refillable cup or bottle, you can usually get free refills! Save money and be assured that your container is sanitized…plus, it saves you money.

If you really want to jack-up the kids Disney experience try a Disney-themed water bottle

Ziploc Bags AND Laundry Bags – Every time I go on vacation – whether a land or ocean destination – I take these bags. They are so handy for so many reasons. The Ziploc hold and seal off wet/moldy/stinky soiled clothes from the rest of your items. The mesh bags make it so easy when laundering as you just throw the bag into the washer and dryer…. or, give it to the laundry services. They are great organizers for just about anything you can think of like jewelry, makeup, toiletries, underwear etc. When flying they seal off bottles in case they leak or burst inside your suitcase. The Ziploc’s come in so handy for even just going to the pool or beach in keeping the water and sand out of your beach bag.

Waterproof Lanyards – Disney is still using the ‘key card’ technology at this time so, having a lanyard [especially a waterproof one] will keep your room key at your fingertips plus you can also store in them a bit of cash, credit cards and your ID when leaving the ship to shop.

Wristwatch – Folks…you gotta trust me on this one! You will lose track of time [and the day] while on your cruise. Not many – if any - clocks will be found on your ship to show you what
day it is or what time it is while on the open sea’s. Without a watch to reminder you of the
date/day/time you will be lost. If you decide to leave your phone in your cabin safe, then keep
on-track with your NEW wrist watch. AND don’t forget to set your watch to the ports local time
so you don’t miss your final boarding call.

Tide-to-go Pen and/or Shout Stain Remover wipes - On your Disney cruise you will have
many opportunities to eat, eat and eat more. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but with that will
come spills and stains. This pen will help you attack the stains [especially little ones] and give
you the ability to wash them out in the sink or tub so you can wear the apparel over again. With
being limited in your packing options this little option will keep you from walking around with a
big-ole’ awkward stain shouting out to people ‘Look at Me!!!’

Air Freshener – Cabins can get a bit stuffy [even if you have a balcony door to open] so be
sure to take along these to spritz in the cabin AND bathroom.

Costumes – Disney Cruises are truly a magical experience for everyone. When on-board you
will find that there will be dress-up nights and themed nights for both the kids and the adults
alike. Your little girl will surely want to don a Princess Dress, and your little man will want to
sport a Pirates Costume for dinner one night or to take in the Lido deck Pirate encounter.

Sand Toys – Since you are going to be making stops on the islands of your itinerary one thingyou may not want to forget is taking some sand toys with you for the kids to play with on thebeach while you take in the sun and relaxation. Also, Baby Powder will be very important whencoming off the beaches as it will help take off the sand for all of you. Especially those placesalong the bathing suit lines where rashes break out and in the hair.

Seasickness Medicines/Band Options – Whether this is your first time, second time or your
100th time everyone should have a back-up option for nausea medicines to have on hand. Here
are some suggestions however, if you are prone to car sickness or motion sickness you may
want to consult your doctor for a recommendation. The ship does have motion sickness
medicines in their store, but they may be a bit on the expensive side. If the seas get a bit rough,
then sometimes the customer service desk will offer something.

Foldable Lightweight Stroller or Baby Carrier – If you have a baby/toddler then you know how
necessary a stroller or backpack carrier can be when you want to NOT move at a snails pace
while your child walks with you. Eventually they will poop-out and just want to sit down or be
carried while you move about exploring where you are. These solutions will save your back!
They are a definite must -have!

Sunscreen [the strongest SPF] – Whether you are sailing the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe or
Alaska you will need this. You will need it by the pool, on the beach or even just walking around
at your ports-of-call. The sun is much stronger in the Caribbean than here in the USA, so your
skin is not used to it and will burn very easily. Even if the sun is covered by clouds! So, don’t
leave home without some Aloe Vera to soothe the sunburns.

Cruise Clothing – Depending you the length of your itinerary Disney Cruises may have a
formal night and a semi-formal night – both give you the opportunity to dress up to celebrate
something special and have a nice photograph taken by the on-board photographers
You are not required to go to the formal night nor semi-formal night dining. However, if you do
decide to dress up for these nights then the Men’s Wear should consist of a jacket, a tux or a
suit and Women’s Wear should consider a gown, cocktail dress or pantsuit.

In general, most onboard dining location are ‘cruise casual’, so casual attire, such as shorts and
T-shirts, are permitted, except for swimwear and tank tops. Women Cruise Casual should
consist of a nice sundress and nice tops. Men’s Cruise Casual should consist of polo’s and
slacks/khakis. For the Kids Cruise Casual you should consider shorts, slacks or khaki’s, nice
shirts/blouses or a sundress but, definitely not swimsuits [dry or wet].

Swimsuits: Men, Women and Kids – a minimum of 2. One dry’s – while you wear the other one.
Cover-ups: Men, Women and Kids – a minimum of 2. One dry’s – while you wear the other one.
Men’s Hats, Women’s Hats & Kid’s Hats as cover from the sun 

Sweaters or Sweatshirt to layer – especially in the evening on the deck or balcony.

Disney requests that no jeans, shorts or capri pants with sandals, flip-flops or tennis shoes be
worn in the main dining rooms and specialty restaurants.

More packing recommendations for your Disney Cruise

Luggage tags.
Medications – keep them in their original bottles.
Passport and travel documentation.
Extra batteries & Extra phone chargers.
Polarized & UV protection Sunglasses for Men, Women and Kids
Binoculars - especially if going to Alaska.
Kindle – you can read books or magazines.
Sharpies for character autographs in an Disney Autograph book.
Journal – log those memories as they happen.
Camera and Camera bag - don’t forget extra Memory Cards.
Extra prescription glasses or contact lenses.
Swim Diapers for the babies.
Carry-On Bag – for both the plane and for boarding your ship.
Side note: you may want to consider bring small denomination money for tipping your Disney
staff, airport porters and transportation drivers.
Note: These are just some basic suggestions to enhance your Disney Cruise. For more location
specific suggestions please contact your travel agent.

What you won't be able to bring along

Everyone on-board a Disney cruise must comply with specific safety guidelines mandated by
U.S. Customs and Port Security. This includes not packing certain items.
Firearms and ammunition – Guns, ammunition, any kind of knives, swords, daggers, bullwhips
or any other types of weapons are not allowed on the ship under any circumstances!
Homemade, precooked or other perishable food items – Disney wants you to spend your
money on the cruise ship. You can bring packages snack food, but no homemade meals. You
can make special requests ahead of time if you have dietary restrictions.
Irons, bottle warmers, sporting equipment, balloons, candles, musical instruments, illegal drugs
inclusive of medically prescribed and synthetic marijuana
Coolers – No coolers allowed! The only exception is for coolers that are needed to carry
medications, baby food or items related to dietary constraints.
These are some of the most popular items however, there are other items so please check with
the cruise lines or your travel agent.

Questions most asked about packing for Disney Cruises

Can I bring my own wine, Champagne or Beer?

Passengers (21 years of age and older) can bring onboard two bottles of unopened wine or
Champagne (smaller than 750 ml) or six beers (smaller than 12 ounces) on embarkation day
and in each port of call. Any alcohol must be hand-carried in a day bag or carry-on luggage.

Is there laundry service on board?

Yes. There is a 24-hour, self-service laundry room with washers, dryers, detergent and ironing
equipment onboard all Disney Cruise ships. Wash and press services are also available on all

Can you bring your own food?

You cannot bring pre-cooked or perishable foods. However, sealed containers of snacks are

Can you bring your own bottled water?

Yes, as long as it is carried onboard in your carry-on luggage. Or Luggage Trolley by Amazon Featured on our BLOG
However, the filtered water that is
provided onboard tastes fine as well. Be kind to the environment by bringing a refillable water
bottle to fill up throughout your stay.

Do I need to change out currency while on my cruise?

Depending on where you are traveling to you may have to consider changing out U.S. Dollars
for the currency in which you are traveling however, we suggest that it not be a large amount.
Using credit cards [not debt cards] are highly recommended for all your destinations if possible.
Your credit card company will make that conversion for you in your billing statement.

Mastercard, Visa, and Discover are the most highly used. AMEX is not used in many countries
so have a back-up card if AMEX is your credit card of choice.


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