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Packing list for Disneyland - Anaheim

When visiting Disneyland and/or California Adventures in Anaheim, California our packing list suggestions will help you streamline your research time before you begin packing.


There are many items that are frequently missed when packing for theme park vacations. In our Disneyland packing list, we have gotten down and detailed on even the smallest of stuff to make sure you won’t forget anything however, I believe you know you and your family needs better than anyone. So, use this as a guide to enhance your packing.

On your ‘pre-packing’ reminders, be sure to check the weather forecast for the dates of your vacation. In general, California will be warm to hot during the day, but rain and colder nights are not uncommon. (Check – The Weather Channel for your forecasted weather while there).


During your day at a park it will not be unusual to log in over 10 miles of walking a day.  And, depending on the time of year you visit wait lines could be long, slow and hot. Your wait times will vary depending on the popularity of the rides, time of year or day of the week you visit but prepare as it could be hours [not minutes].  Sore feet and sunburns will be things you will need to address in packing.

As an example, for Disneyland the best months to visit are September and January when the average wait time per ride is under 15 minutes. The best days to visit the parks are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Wait times are highest near major holidays.  While wait times continue to increase over the years, they are still shortest right when the park opens at 8 a.m. Visitors at nearby resort hotels also have the option to enter the park for an extra hour, beginning at 7 a.m.


At Disneyland you can sail with pirates, explore exotic jungles, meet fairy-tale princesses, dive under the ocean and rocket through the stars – all in the same day! Disneyland Park is a beloved Southern California destination where generations of families have made their Disney dreams come true.


Explore eight exciting lands that bring Disney and Pixar stories and their characters to life through amazing attractions, entertainment and dining!


Stroll down a lively promenade featuring unique shopping and dining, as well as exciting nighttime entertainment. Located adjacent to Disneyland, the Downtown Disney District offers something for everyone from early morning until late at night, including a world-class movie theater.

Disneyland Packing List:


For the most part when you are packing for Disneyland keep it simple, comfortable and casual.  Remember…you will be wearing the same clothes from 7am to midnight. And, because you will be close to the Pacific Ocean beach you may want to consider preparing for a beach visit too.


When you are deciding what to pack for Disneyland, keep these simple packing guidelines in mind.


Travel documents – Put together an Organizational Travel Packet with all your important vacation documents so you don’t leave home without them.  They should contain:

  • Itinerary:  showing day-by-day agenda, phone numbers/addresses of where you will be or plan to be

  • Airline tickets – don’t forget to do pre-check-in on the airlines site

  • Passport and/or other travel verification documents for all family members

  • Driver’s license or other identification like kids birth certificates

  • Proof of car insurance – if you are renting a car

  • Hotel reservation confirmation/s

  • Health Insurance card/copy of policy or link to online viewing if needed

  • Disneyland confirmation tickets


Tip:  Make copies of all documents, credit cards and your itinerary to leave with family or friends in case of loss, damage or theft. They can email or fax you copies.

Expandable Suitcases or Duffle bags with wheels – In your trek to California for your Disneyland vacation you will need a good suitcase to withstand the potential abuse the airlines may dish out on them.  You may want to invest in a Decorative Security Strap to go around the suitcase for enhanced stability, as well as, provide unique identification on the luggage carousal.  Don’t forget Luggage Identification Tags.


Tip 1: check with your airline carrier for luggage and carry-on weight and dimension restrictions before you leave home. Be sure you comply with TSA’s 311 rules. [link to other travel tip article in a separate browser tab]


Tip 2: Pack an extra flat carry-on bag inside your suitcase and/or leave room in your suitcase for all the Disneyland souvenirs you will be bringing home.


Tip 3: Place inside all your suitcases [on top] an itinerary and phone numbers where you can be reached in case your luggage ends up in New York when you are in California.  The airlines will be able to reach out to you and confirm address for delivery.


Tip 4: For your flight have everyone pack a carry-on bag. [See below for what should be in it].

Carry-on Bag - This bag is for all those items in which you need for your daily life on a temporary basis and through your flight. Everyone in your family should prepare one. Depending on the length of your flight here are some recommendations.

Suggested contents are:


For the Kids’ carry-on:

  • Light Sweater – It can get cold in an airplane

  • Travel Games – Crayons, Colored Pencils, Coloring books, Magnetic Game Boards

  • Travel Toys and Pool Toys

  • Earphones and Headphone Y-Splitter – 2 headphones to one jack enables 2 kids to use same device to watch movies on an iPad or listen to music

  • Reading Books or Game books like mazes, dot to dot books, puzzles, seek n’ find and etc.

  • Change of clothes/under-garments, Bathing Suit, Bathing Suit Cover and swim goggles

  • and other necessary items you think they will need to entertain them or in case one of their pieces of luggage gets lost


Tip: Consider cross-packing everyone some spare clothes in each of the other family members luggage so if one were to get lost there would be more spare clothes [besides the ones in your carry-on] to wear until the lost luggage could be returned to you.

Tip: Use LEKORS Travel Bag Vaccum System to Pack More in Less Space.



Womens Shirts/Tops – Getting clothing that have UV protection built in them is a great idea to consider.  We recommend for Men – Columbia Short Sleeved Shirts


Womens Shorts, Capri’s and Jeans – Depending on the weather forecast for the time you are at Disneyland shorts are worn by most.  We recommend for Men – OCHENTA Men's Outdoor Expandable Waist Lightweight Quick Dry Shorts [comes in handy for those water rides or the beach]


Also popular for women are Capri Pants.  But whatever you are comfortable with…wear it.  If you love your jeans, then pack em’ and wear em’.  The clothing you choose to wear to Disneyland really depends on personal preference.


Tip: remember that on a hot day at the park the seats on some rides will be HOT on your legs and thighs.  Wearing shorts with longer legs or capri’s should help you from getting burned.

Country Club Casual Evening Clothes


Disneyland is laid-back and casual for the most part however, at and around the resort are some nicer restaurants where you would want to dress for dinner. 


Packing nicer clothes is suggested.  Men - Khaki Slacks, Collared Shirt, light sweater and/or Sports Jacket and slip-on loafers. Women – slacks, dress blouse, jacket or sweater, flats or dress.  Children – boys: slacks or nice jeans [no holes or patches], pullover or buttoned shirt [without logo’s/sayings], comfy slip-on shoes or clean tennis shoes and pull-over sweater for those cool evenings.  Girls: dress with tights.  Slacks or nice jeans with dress blouse. Sandals or walking shoes. Don’t forget the sweater as that sea breeze in the evenings can chill you to the bone.

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Restaurants like Napa Rose, Carthay Circle Theater or Steakhouse 55 are the places you should consider dressing up for.

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Walking Shoes or Stylish Flats 

The key is to get your New Vacation Shoes early and break them in before you go. Select neutral colors like brown and black so they go with most everything. You may want to even consider packing 2 pairs. Gel Shoe Inserts may not be a good item to include in your suitcase ‘just in case’.  Leave the inserts in the original packaging and if you don’t use them then you can return them for a refund after you get home.


Tip 1: For each person it is highly recommended to pack 2 pairs of sox for each park or beach day.  If they get wet during the water rides, they will have a hard time drying out and will irate your feet and heals.  So, that extra pair will come in handy.

Tip 2: Take with you Gel Shoe Inserts to offer your feet some padding if you find your feet hurting or achy from walking on hard pavement.  Leave them in the packaging so if you don’t use them you can always return them back to the store for a refund after you return home.   



The weather can vary dramatically depending on the time of year that you are visiting. Even when it is forecasted to be hot during the day, always have a long-sleeve flannel shirt or sweater, sweatshirt and/or Hooded Windbreaker to put on when the temperature drops at night. You can tie it around your waist or stuff it in your backpack until you need it. Prepare to layer every day.


Backpack or Daypack – This is a necessary item for your visit to the parks.  Both Mom and Dad should carry one for all your family items. Make sure it is big enough but not too big that you cannot fit it in between your legs on the floor of the rides you will be riding. Make sure the shoulder straps are padded for your comfort.


Poncho – We highly recommend purchasing a Disney Compact Portable Poncho to carry in your Disney Backpack while in the park. Do not bring an umbrella. They are hard to manage in stores and on rides. IF it is anticipated that it may rain just carry the poncho packs in your backpack.  When the rain stops you can just roll it up, put in a Ziplock bag and put it back into your backpack. They come in handy for the water rides if you do not want to get wet also.


Tip:  If you use your poncho during the day be sure to let it dry when you get back to the hotel, so it doesn’t get musty or moldy.  When dry put it back into a dry Ziplock bag to take to the park again the next day. Before going home be sure to keep the poncho’s in the Ziplock’s when packing to keep the plastic smell away from your other clothes or you can just throw it away.

Ziplock Bags


Be sure to bring lots of Ziplock Bags in all sizes. They come in handy in so many ways.  Put in your backpack while in the park to hold leftover food or to keep things dry when on wet rides.  They hold small things like trading pins or hair ties.


They also come in handy for putting in in soiled stinky clothes or wet bathing suits when you must pack to go home. You can use them for hygiene items to contain liquids while traveling.  If they happen to leak or break, then the fluids will not damage or soil the rest of your suitcase items. 



Having one of these is handy for the family no matter where you are or what you are doing.  We use them for all our vacation needs from cruising to All-Inclusive resorts.  They can hold your Disney entrance tickets, hotel room key, credit cards, cash, photo ID etc.  They are also handy for the kids to attach their memory pins into.


Tip 1: It is advisable to purchase your Disney Trading Pins before arriving as they are a fraction of the cost of getting them inside the park.


Tip 2: If you get a lanyard with a more heavy-duty strap then the trading pins you put on it will be more secure and less likely to fall off.

Wide-brimmed Hat and Sunglasses with UV protection


It is highly recommended that everyone wear a hat and Polarized Sunglasses with sun protection on your trip to California. For everyone, taking a Large Crushable Hat with Chin Strap [so you don’t lose it on rides], will serve you well, especially for more sensitive skinned family members, at the pool, the park and at the beach.  If the hat is crushable then you can store it in your beach bag, purse or backpack without wrinkles or damage.  Try the Wallaroo Hat - they’re UV 50+.

Insulated Water Bottle


It can get HOT in California and with all the walking and activities you will be doing you will need to stay hydrated. Having an insulated water bottle will allow you to keep hydrated without spending $3-$4 for a bottle of water.  Hydro Flask is perfect as it doesn’t sweat getting all your backpack things wet and holds the ‘ice’ for hours and keeping your water cold.



Sunscreen - Don’t forget the sunscreen with a minimum of 15 SPF.  Carry a small bottle or tube with you in your backpack everyday to the park so you can reapply when necessary.  Don’t let the cool ocean breezes fool you.  The temperature may be +/- 90 degrees but with the ocean breeze it may not seem that hot…but it is!  The sun is intense on your skin in California so lather up.

Earplugs or Sound Machine


When in your hotel room remember you are in a family establishment so you may be subject to hallway noise by other’s while you are trying to sleep.  To help with drowning out the noises take a Sound Machine - We Recommend the LectroFan with several different noises to place in the center most area of the room. If you or the kids need a bit more sound-proofing, try putting in Earplugs along with using the machine.


Tip: if the noises of rides are of concern for the kids take the earplugs with you and use them to soothe their nerves and fears.

Liquid Band-aid, Moleskin and Band-aid’s


With all the walking you will be doing at the park you will be subject to getting blisters. If you get a blister on your first day there it will make the rest of your trip miserable so pack these in your backpack every day. Liquid Band-Aid.

Don't forget your Mickey Mouse Band-aids...


Hand Cream


Southern California is a dry climate and thus your hands and lips will most likely chap, so we recommend Gold Bond Healing with Aloe lotion.  It is non-greasy, hypoallergenic and you will see immediate results.  Don’t forget the Lip Balm or Disney Chapstick!




For some the food in the park may give you heartburn or an upset stomach so pack stomach pain relievers like Tums and heartburn medicines just in case.

Hand Sanitizer


Whether you prefer hand sanitizer wipes or hand sanitizer gel don’t forget to bring it for the park.  There are lots of germs there.  Every time you get on a ride remember there was someone before you that may have had a cold, flu or other germ.  Wipe down what you touch and then wipe down your hands.


Mickey Mouse Hand Sanitizer is Our Recommendation!

     Tip:  Take a large pack of anti-bacterial wipes and when you need to go to the bathroom use them to wipe down the toilet seat and stall handle.  Also, take some small packs of Kleenex with you in case you get into the toilet and find there is no toilet paper.


Aloe Vera Soothing Gel


If you do happen to get a sunburn be sure to bring this along with you to cool the heat of the sunburn off.  Also, along with your soothing gel be sure to bring with you Advil and Tylenol to help with the ache’s and pains. 


Tip:  Take small portable bottles of pain relievers with you into the park in case someone gets a headache or sore muscles.  You won’t have to stop the fun.


Gold Bond Powder


If you are prone to chafing between the legs, knees, waist or anywhere else on your body then this is highly recommended.  Apply before you go to the park and then take a small bottle with you in case you need to reapply.  Baby powder is not as effective for chafing, but it is good for putting into your shoes to soak up the moisture of sweaty feet.  It is also good for that trip to the beach in getting the sand out of the hair, on the creases of your bathing suit and off your feet.



Portable Power Bank


Whether you use your SmartPhone camera, or a more professional camera set up make sure you put in your backpack a recharging device for all your devices. Getting multiple USB ports in your battery pack will allow you to power up all your unit while you take a break to get a bite to eat or drink.  Also, be sure to bring extra camera SD cards and batteries as your will be taking lots of pictures to capture all your magical moments. 

Check out our BLOG Post for the Anker PowerCore 10000 Power Pack.

Tip…turn off the flash and focus light for taking pictures inside.

Power Strip


No matter where you travel these days you seem to never have enough plugs to accommodate your technology needs.  We highly recommend you packing a strip that will handle the whole family.  Taking a power strip with USB ports will be valuable at the end of the day when everyone wants to charge up their phones, computers, kindles, and etc.


Tip 1: We find that taking a 3-plug outlet extender for the bathroom is valuable for everyone to be able curl their hair, blow-dry and use their electric shaver come in handy. You might even consider taking 2 of these outlets.  Kids sometimes like to just sit on the bed and primp their hair leaving the bathroom with more room to get ready.


Tip 2: If you are flying to Southern California make sure you take these 3-way plug extenders in your carry-on bag.  If you have a layover at an airport, then you can find a plug to use the extender where everyone can plug in and be entertained until boarding time.


Case of Water


If you are driving to Anaheim on your Disneyland trip throw a case of water in the car just in case you find yourself not liking the taste of Orange County/Anaheim water.  If you are flying into the area you will find store options close to Disneyland within walking distance like Walgreens, CVS or small markets for all your food, snack, water, milk and snack/food needs.

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Cash or Credit Card


There are ATMs throughout the Disneyland Park/Resort where you can withdraw cash.  Rather…we recommend using your credit card or debit card.  Just remember if you are using a debit card the bank may hold funds.  Check with them on the terms prior to leaving home.  If you are using a credit card call the bank and advise them you are traveling, where you are going and how long you will be gone so they can monitor your account for theft or fraud.


Tip:  If you are staying at a Disneyland Resort on Disney property you can make charges to your room anywhere on the resort property. Also, when in the Disney park if you are shopping and have packages you don’t want to haul around you can ask the sales member to have the packages sent to your Disneyland hotel where you can pick them up.

Continue to scroll the Disneyland E-Brochure to it's conclusion.

Disney Autograph Book 


If the kids want to collect autographs from the Disney characters don’t forget to pre-purchase an autograph book.  If you wait to purchase it at the park, then you may have to pass right by them to find a store that has one. This may cause problems for the young ones.  It may be better to purchase the autograph book before you get to the park so you can begin the magical experience immediately when you enter the park. Also, remember that the characters hands are really big, so they need a Disney BIG Fat Autograph Pen to grip easily.

Tip:  Upon entering the park the Disney characters be located on the right. 

Glow Sticks and Glow Bracelets


When the sun goes down, nighttime falls and closing time nears upon the park there will be one final parade down Main Street. Before the parade begins Disney’s, Cast Members will start selling glow items at high prices.  To help the kids not buy into these expensive glow toys pull out your own glow stick, glow bracelets and glow items to avoid drama. Disney Glow Sticks and Bracelets




Renting one from the park is okay for the convenience but they are not padded. They are hard plastic and can be uncomfortable. Plus, if you rent one and are staying at a resort then you will not be able to take the stroller back to your hotel. Thus, at the end of the day you don’t want to be carrying your child back to the hotel. You will be just as tired as they are.  Check with your airlines to see if a stroller can be checked in as luggage and the cost. Consider buying a more lightweight padded stroller with a basket for baby stuff and purse.  We recommend the Evenflo Aero Ultra-Light Stroller, Lark.

Additional items not to forget for your vacation


Babies and Toddlers


Nightlight [2] – one for room and one for bathroom

Cuddle blanket and/or musical toy to lull to sleep

Favorite stuffed animal
Extra pacifiers, bottles, nipples and etc

Scented trash bags [small] for the dirty diapers
Bag of small toys, crafts, art supplies, puzzles, and books

Pre-teens and teens


Earphones for their listening pleasure – not yours
Chewing gum – Disneyland does not sell gum anywhere in the resort. Deck of Card and Travel Games.

What you Need to Take to Disneyland Everyday


  • Park Tickets/Magic bands

  • Backpack

  • Hand Sanitizers, Hand Wipes and Kleenex

  • Stroller & Diaper Bag [if you use one]

  • Diapers, Baby wipes, Diaper cream and Changing Pad

  • Bottle or Sippy cup, Bib, Milk/Juice/Formula

  • Baby foods and feeding spoon

  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Hat

  • Wallet and/or Purse, Cash, Credit Cards

  • Lightweight Jacket [also a small poncho pack if you don’t want to get wet on the water rides or if it is supposed to rain]

  • Trading Pins

  • Snacks: Granola Bars, Dried Fruit, Fresh Fruit [sometimes the hotels offer it], Trail Mix

  • Camera or Smartphone

  • Phone Charger and Phone Battery Pack

  • Water Bottles

  • Hair Bands and rubber bands

  • Extra socks – If your socks get wet on the water rides, they can be irritating and may not dry completely before your feet get all wrinkly so throw an extra pair for everyone in the backpack especially if it is a colder day.

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