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How to Get Around on New Year's Eve

This Year...


Nothing ruins a good time like traffic jams and price-surging taxi apps. Here’s a primer on navigating some of our favorite festive cities.

Taxi - The good news: hotels can book taxis and limo’s in advance. The bad news: The Strip closes to car traffic from about 6pm to 3am. Best to steer clear of the roads altogether. 

UBER Las Vegas - Good option for most all times during the New Year’s celebration with one caveat, availability as would be with most any urban environment during a New Year’s Celebration. Plan ahead… (

Public Transportation - Hit the monorail. It runs north and south between the MGM Grand and the SLS Hotel & Casino until 3am, with multiple stops along the way (unlimited day pass, $13.00 –

Walking - Sounds good in theory - just remember that the Strip is four miles long. Know how far you’re venturing before you set out.

Taxi - Patience and deep pockets are required: Black cabs are scarce, and fares are pricier than usual on New Year’s Eve [same goes for taxi-hailing apps like Hailo and Drivr, which impose minimum fares for the night]. 

UBER London – When in London UBER is an option, keep your UBER APP up and remember to anticipate your travel needs. There may be quite a few others whom will want the convenience of UBER’ing to their favorite New Years Celebration in London. ( )

Public Transportation - The Underground is by far the best way to get around, and it’s free from 11:45pm to 4:30am. (

Walking - Great if you’re staying in Central London - with one big caveat: Crowds and bridge closures make crossing the Thames a challenge from roughly 10pm to 2am.

Taxi - This is the one city where you shouldn’t even try to hail a cab - and the apps will be astronomically expensive. They’re hard to find on a normal night and nearly impossible to land on one like this, especially around the Champs-Elysees or Montmartre, where much of the action is centered. 

UBER Paris – Good option if you have some language skills or a translator APP on your smartphone? Most UBER drivers in Paris won’t speak English. If you can get past the language barrier, UBER could be a great option. (

Public Transportation - If you’re near a Metro station, hop on. In fact, from 5pm on Dec 31st until noon on Jan 1st, the metro, the bus, and the trains [including the RER] are free and run all night.

Walking - No question about it, walking is the way to go. It’s convenient and infinitely more romantic than the Metro.

Taxi - A taxi stand on Elizabeth Street between Liverpool St. and Nithsdale Lane will be staffed and managed between 9pm and 5am. They may charge premiums and brace yourself for road closures around Sydney Harbor vantage points.

UBER Sydney – Good option for most all times during the New Year’s celebration with one caveat, availability as would be with most any urban environment during a New Year’s Celebration. Plan ahead… (

Public Transportation - Extra trains will run in and out of the city - in an effort to cope with the increased demand - while the light-rail will operate regular weekday service to the city every 15 minutes.

Walking - Stroll back to the hotel if you’re staying near the harbor. Remember that it’s summertime Down Under, so count on temps of around 60 degrees even after midnight.

New Year’s Eve in Times Square is perhaps the most sought-after locale’ to welcome the New Year. This iconic location has been since 1907. New York has set the bar for the rest of the world when it comes to celebrating the New Year.


You must arrive by foot before 3pm on the 31st of December to find a spot in the Broadway – Seventh bowtie. Be aware that there are no public restrooms or food vendors and if you leave to relieve yourself or purchase some goodies, you lose your spot.

If you truly desire to be one those revelers, we see on TV each year, you will be rewarded with performances by vocal artists beginning at 6pm. Pyrotechnics from One Times Square on the hour until 11pm…

The Crystal Ball drops at midnight.

Taxi and UBER can only get you in so far, we suggest you pack appropriate clothing for the weather forecast and very comfortable shoes. Be prepared to hoof it in and out many blocks before you can access public or hired transportation.

There are many options for guided tours, cruises and special events for New York New Year’s Eve celebration. Our favorite resource is located at .

Happy New Year!

Getting around during this year's New Year's Eve celebration almost anywhere calls for pre-planning and knowing your options. If you have specific travel goals or would like some special travel counsel we recommend you click on the Travel Banner below..

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