10 Steps to a Successful Day Ashore

INSIDER TRAVEL TIP - Before your go ashore at your Port of Call on your Cruise Ship Adventure, check out our suggestions to make your visit a successful one!

You can always purchase the Shore Excursion that your Travel Agent offers or Cruise Line Shore Excursions. But, be prepared to be one of a larger group and be shuttled here and there. Not to say that "Swimming with the Dolphins" or taking a "Dinner Cruise" isn't going to be fun. But, try experiencing in the Port of Call of your choice stepping off the cruise ship and engaging a local independent tour guide. You will find many there in the cruise terminal to provide you with a unique adventure where perhaps only the locals go? You just might be amazed...

Here is an excerpt from our Insider Travel Tips,, 10 Steps to a Successful Day Ashore!

2. Ask around on the pier or in the terminal building where you can find the independent tour operators, taxis and tourism offices.

We had a wonderful experience on St Thomas in the Caribbean by hiring the best looking local tour operator and spent the day visiting the island. We were directed by our local driver to pristine local beaches, bars, eateries and enjoyed a full immersive cultural experience in St Thomas. We choose one or two Ports of Call on our Cruises to hire a local taxi or tour operator for that one on one experience. Many times, much more cost effective as well.

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