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Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Sailing the seas on a Disney Cruise Line will take you to just about anywhere in the world. Your adventure will make endless magical memories never to be forgotten. However, forgetting anything short of our suggestions may have an impact on your anticipated results. ;>) <grin>

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Our time with Disney Cruises first began in Seattle, WA. We sailed through the Inside Passage of Alaska. What an amazing cruise even for adults!

In the evenings we found contemporary music dance venues on-board along with the ‘Beauty and Beast’ Broadway-styled show in the theater. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality of the evenings entertainment.

The Captain of the Disney Wonder took us extremely close to the Tracy Arm Fjord and we could view the massive Tracy Arm Glacier.

We visited Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway where we were immersed into the Alaskan culture with high quality excursions, great food [especially the clam chowder], lively entertainment and unique shopping. We felt that we were always welcomed no matter where we were!

Our first Alaskan Disney Cruise adventure sadly ended in Vancouver, BC Canada. What an amazing time we had! We use this experience to provide you with our Travel Agent suggestions on what to take with you to make your time on-board a magical and memorable adventure!

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We Highly Recommend Disney Cruise Lines as one of your "Go To’s" for a Family vacation!

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