First Cruise? Do's and Don'ts!

Here is your Insider Tip for First Time Cruiser's and perhaps some for the veteran cruiser... As Travel Agent's we have a unique perspective to assist our Client's and offer a better cruise experience.

Here is an excerpt from the Insider Tips First Time Cruiser's Do's and Don'ts.

"Most of us long-time cruisers have an embarkation day routine. Some head straight for the atrium or the Lido poolside bar, while most other’s head to the buffet. Some like to explore the ship with their deck plan maps, posting photos on Facebook and Twitter. Others get settled in their cabins by unpacking their belongings and getting organized.

If you're a first-timer; or even a second-timer who hasn't settled into a familiar cruise routine, here are some do's and don’ts for your first day on the ship that we think you will appreciate based on our many years cruising."

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