Think Twice about your Hotel TV Remote

The first on my agenda when we open that hotel room door is to find the TV Remote and disinfect it! You may not be aware but as a savvy traveler, your Hotel TV Remote is by far the most germ ridden item in your nice and clean hotel room.

Of course there are other locations inside you 3, 4, or 5 Star Hotel rooms that rank up there for being the "germiest" and potential hazards to you while you relax and enjoy your stay. The bathroom counter, desk and hotel phone are up there as well, but the Hotel TV Remote deserves your efforts to disinfect first!

So, having said all that, what do you do? Well, we take a small spray bottle (2oz.) of 70% alcohol and place the remote on a towel and spray liberally front, back and sides. Scrub rigorously to remove any other foreign debris. Once complete, we do the same with the Hotel Phone and Bathroom Counter.

Here is a product that we have used in the past as well..

The Germiest of Places!

So, the bottom line in these days and times, spend a moment or two cleaning those "'germiest"" of places in your hotel room to help insure a safe and healthy visit to your travel destination.

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