After the TransAtlantic Cruise...

TransAtlantic Cruises.. Take some time Post Cruise enjoying your destination.

Here is our take on what and where to spend your time with some Insider Travel Tips.

I bet you are one of those people who never thought they would have the patience for a Trans-Atlantic cruise. A week of sea days on the ship sailing across the pond – not so bad! You can find so much to do on the ship. The cruise director really earns his/her keep on these sailings to keep everyone busy busy busy…

However, you know when you finally do reach your destination it will be time to get off the ship, so plan at least a three-day, post-cruise stay at your final destination. Even if you have been there before destinations are constantly evolving. If you have never been to your final destination then I highly recommend an escorted tour to show you around so you don’t miss a landmark or exhibition. You don’t want to fly home regretting you didn’t take just a little bit more time to explore.

So let’s look at an example post-cruise destination like London. Here are some activities and personal advice for travelers. Click Here to Learn More!

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