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As you begin to pack and organize your Travel Electronics we recommend the following to start! 
Whether it be a USB charger for your phone or a White Noise generator to give you a sound sleep, we have the products!


The decisions we make about what to take with us on vacation can sometimes be difficult. Your Leisure time is precious.  As Travel Agents not only have we traveled and experienced what works for us but after having booked thousands of our Client's on Cruises, All Inclusive Resorts and Tours our Travel Product recommendations enhance our Client's adventures.

During everyday interactions online for our businesses and personal needs we have a number of devices from Desktop PC's and Apple Desktops to our Smartphones. When leaving on vacation, we need to streamline our tech to the point of having  what you need not necessarily what you want. Power, memory for our digital devices are key factors and are addressed with some of our recommendations in this category and Computers & Accessories.


Here are some specific Travel Electronics suggestions to make your holiday more enjoyable.


You just never know when your Cruise Cabin or Hotel will be a bit noisy. Use of the Adaptive Sound to create the cocoon in your hotel or cruise cabin can be a life saver. Don't leave home without it! Highly recommended.

Heading to Europe? We recommend a language translator. The best we have found is the handheld Language Translator iFLYTEK Easy Trans 2.0 Portable Pocket Voice Electronic Language Translator. More Than 30 Languages, Born for transnational Translation, 2-Way translate Instant and Applied AI Technology.

This device will help you not order snails when you wanted a Rib eye Steak at one of those fancy European Restaurants 

In order to best document your vacation and or holiday, taking hundreds of photos of your exploits is how to do it! Of course you can use your smart phone like most others but, if you want to create that one of kind photo story book that will last a lifetime we recommend the  Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX-400V Wifi Digital Camera.  The combination of size and features bring you the best bang for your buck in the pocket digital camera market segment.

The NEW GoPro HERO7 as Featured on Our Travel BLOG is the latest in mobile video recording devices. With a touch screen, Image Stabilization and waterproof design makes this GoPro our selection to take with you on your vacation. The HD recording capability allows you to create contemporary HD videos as if you were there. Works well with your mobile smartphone with mobile apps available commercially. 

These preceding Travel Products are but a few of what is available for you. We suggest USB  Adapters, Go Pro Cameras for those that are more actively inclined and if you would like a more detailed list of products for your respective Travel we recommend you visit our Select Destination Travel Products or enter your the specific product in the search bar below.


We all use PC's and Macs during our normal daily lives. When we vacation though it becomes quite a burden to haul our full size computers along with us. The following Samsung Tablets and Apple Ipad's alternatives are highly recommended to downsize your computing needs while on holiday.


Power Adapters and Power Converters - Considering the massive amount of electricity we use to power our computers, smartphones, personal devices power sources when we travel outside the United States is critical. 


Power adapters for the respective country to which you are traveling can be quite tricky especially in some of the countries with multiple electricity suppliers.

Most countries the main electrical supply is between 220 and 240 volts (50 or 60 Hz); those countries that operate on 100-127 volts are greatly outnumbered unless you live in the United States. 

We have found a number of universal power adapters but one of the best is OREI Travel Adapter - Featured on Our Travel BLOG


We have a number of OREI Power Adapter selections we recommend depending on where your destination is?

Need a Power Converter from 240v to 120v? Get both by purchasing the 2000W 220V to 110V Power Converter Step Down Voltage for US Electric Products. World Travel Plug Adapter w/2 USB plugs include US to Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Asia and over 150 Countries


Rush My Passport - My Travel Products - Passport and VISA Service


There are quite a large number and different types of digital cameras. There is not a One Size fits All so to speak. But here are the types most common for travelers;

Point and Shoot, Bridge, Mirrorless and DSLR.



Cameras are on par with what most of us carry and that is our smartphone cameras. Many believe today's smartphone cameras are a good choice vs. a Point and Shoot camera. Here are some recommendations...


This is the hybrid between the Point and Shoot camera and the higher end DSLR digital cameras. The key factor that sets these cameras apart is ZOOM or Ultra Zoom. If you have a need or desire to be able to view subjects far away then this Bridge Camera or Ultra Zoom camera is what you are looking for. 

The Bridge Camera has all the aspects of automatic operation including exposure and auto focus. These are perfect for the novice photographer that wants great quality shots with maximum zoom. Great for concerts, cruise ships and Ports of Call where you don't want to miss that far away pic'.

 for you...


This class of Digital Camera is more for the semi professional where more functions and selective functionality above the Ultra Zoom or Bridge Digital Camera. Size is a bit larger but as large as the DSLR Professional level cameras. The selection of lenses is key to the Mirrorless Digital Camera. The use of the Mirrorless Digital Camera is not quite the point and shoot unless you place the selector into Auto mode which most all of these Mirrorless Digital Cameras are capable. On the flip side, you have total control of all settings and a wide range of lens solutions.

You might consider more accessories such as tripods and specialized lighting to compliment your efforts to take that one of a kind photo.

Here are some choices for you...                         


DSLR Digital Cameras provide the best picture quality and functionality. This level of Digital Camera again falls into the semi-professional user and comes with more options that would need additional education to properly select the camera you want. You are paying for the camera body in this case with most DSLR Digital Cameras come with a basic lens with options to purchase select higher priced lenses that accommodate the specific need of your photo shoot. We would recommend you view Amazon's Best Selling DSLR Cameras by Clicking Here...


We have found a treasure trove of Travel Electronics that you can purchase with a budget in mind. When traveling your choice of digital camera can be a very important on with all the choices. We have ordered from and found their customer service and huge selection very satisfying. 


As you gather your many digital devices there is most likely one common accessory that you will need to purchase and that is Memory. 

Hundreds of manufacturers have built thousands of memory cards and devices to SD standards. Memory cards come in a variety of storage capacities, speed classes, application performance class and three different physical sizes -- SD memory card, miniSD memory card, and microSD memory card. With so many choices, it’s important to understand which SD memory card works best with your mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, video cameras, digital cameras and other electronics devices.

Be sure to check with your device manufacturer as to the recommended speed and standard needed for your application. For more details we recommend the following resource.

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